Terms of Use

These Terms of Use explained below represents a legal agreement between you (“you,” “User,” “Member”) and us (Yurgo, LLC “us,” “We,” “Our”) as the owner of this App (Yurgo, “the App”). You are hereby advised to read carefully and understand before using the App. By using and accessing this App other features and Services of this App, you agree and accept to be bound by these Terms of Use.


You are allowed to share and post all kinds of materials and information on Yurgo, including, messages, photographs, videos and other content (“Content.”) Nevertheless, here are some rules guiding the kind of content that is acceptable while posting on Yurgo. You are not allowed to post, share or send any Content that:

  • contains abuse or insulting language that can be deemed offensive or is possibly embarrass, annoy, harass or upset other people;
  • is indecent, pornographic or otherwise may offense human dignity;
  • is threatening, promotes or encourages sexism, racism, bigotry or hatred;
  • promotes or encourages any illegal activity including, but not only, racial hatred, terrorism, or the submission which can establish committing a criminal offense;
  • is defamatory;
  • relates to promotion or commercial activities, (including, but without limitation to advertising, competitions and sales, links to other line, websites or telephone numbers);
  • contains any viruses, spyware, corrupt files, worm programs, adware, or other malicious program designed to interrupt, damage, or limit the functionality of or interrupt any software, hardware, telecommunications, networks, servers or other equipment;
  • infringes on any person or third party’s rights (including, without limitation to, intellectual property rights and privacy rights and); and
  • Please use your discretion when choosing the Content that you want to share or post on Yurgo, because you are strictly responsible for, and will bear all liability in accordance with such Content.


On the Yurgo App, you may not display any personal or banking details on your personal profile (“Profile”) such as real names, home addresses, email addresses, or postcodes, telephone numbers, URLs, debit/credit card or other banking details. If you disclose any personal information about yourself to other users, either through email or any other means, you do so at your own risk. We encourage you to use caution in disclosing details about yourself to people you meet online.


You are advice not to share or give out or share your login details with third – party or allow anybody to access your account as this will put all your Content and personal information at a safety risk. It is your main responsibility to keep your login information secret and secured. Yurgo is not responsible for any unauthorized access to your account/profile. If you are suspicious that your login details have been compromised, you should immediately inform us, and you should also change such login details immediately.


When you upload Content on the App, it can be accessed and viewed by the general public. You can decide to use the private folders for content that you won’t like other users to view, and the select the user you wish to allow access. Also, if you don’t want other to view some content, you should not upload such to Yurgo. Yurgo reserve the right in our sole discretion and without giving you prior notice, to edit, remove, block or limit access to any Content that you submit or upload to Yurgo without incurring any liability to you. We have not responsible for displaying any Content that you shared or submitting to Yurgo, nor to check the accuracy of any Content, nor to screen your how you or other users uses them.


If you rightfully owned the Content or material you shared or posted on the App; such content solely remains your property. Nevertheless, please always check other rules regarding sharing and posting Content that doesn’t belong to you.
By sharing, posting or sending Content on the App, you represent and warrant to us that you are permitted/authorized to do so, and expressively grant to us a perpetual, royalty-free, nonexclusive global license to use such Content or material by any means (including, without limitation to, editing, adapting, copying, modifying, translating, creating derivative works from, advertising, reformatting, distributing, incorporating into other works, and also making available to the public such material or Content, whether in whole or in part and in any medium or format currently identified or developed in the future).
Note that we reserved the right to disclose your identity to anyone claiming that any Content posted, uploaded or shared by you through the App violate their privacy right, intellectual property rights or any other legal right. Furthermore, all text, user interfaces, graphics, logos, sounds, trademarks, and artwork on Yurgo are owned, control or licensed by Yurgo and are protected by trademark, copyright, or any other intellectual property law rights.


Yurgo will make every conceivable effort to keep the App running every time. Nevertheless, unfortunately, we can’t guarantee that you can have access to the App every time, reasons might be owed to maintenance to the App or may be caused by faults or circumstances which exceed our control, so Yurgo is provided this App on an “as is” basis. We did not give any guarantee about the functionality, accuracy, performance, availability or quality of Yurgo and we also reserve the right to suspend, withdraw, vary, amend or modify the service rendered on Yurgo without incurring any liability to you or prior notice.
It will be your main responsibility to make all the needed necessities to ensure you can access the App (including, but not limited to mobile internet provider charges and, any other charges relating to the type of access by your provider). We will not be responsible for any imperfect functionality you may encounter as in regards to the connection you are using to access Yurgo through your mobile services or any similar service presently identified or expected in the future.
Non-registered users/members will only be able to access that portion/part of the App that is publicly available. Only a registered user/member will be permitted to have a Profile/Account to upload or share any Content on the App. Yurgo, LLC reserved the right to change or update the criteria without prior warning and at our sole discretion from time to time.


We have the right/privilege at our sole discretion, to remove, terminate, or delete at any time without liability or to refund any unused paid services to suspend or revoke your registration (where applicable) and refute your right to access or/and use of Yurgo or submit, share or post any Content to Yurgo, without prior notice; If all explained above were done in disregarding or abuse of these Terms of Use or Privacy Policy herein.
Yurgo will try (though not obliged) to send you a notification if your access to Yurgo or/and your Profile has been or is to be suspended, removed or terminated.
Moreover, you also have the right to terminate or revoke your registration on Yurgo any time you desire by going to the ‘Settings’ and follow the instruction to delete your profile. Nevertheless, we may save your profile information in the case you later choose to restore your deleted/terminated account. You can choose to restore such deleted account and your account/profile and personal details within the duration of 30 (thirty) days of deleting/terminating such profile. After your account is deleted/terminated, Yurgo has the right to delete/remove/erase any of your submitted, shared or posted Content on Yurgo.


You have the responsibility, and the right to report any abuse or complain about Content shared or posted on Yurgo by reaching us through the Feedback link, explaining the nature of the abuse or complaint. You also have the responsibility and right to report a user directly from a profile/account, by using the ‘Report Abuse’ link on every user’s profile, explaining the reason for the complaint and giving to us any additional information about such abuse or complaint. We will always try all our possible best to solve any issue that you may encounter with our App.


You will solely be responsible for the consequences if your act or conduct in any way upsets or disturbs other users. Yurgo clearly renounces any and all responsibility and liability for your conduct and the conduct of any other Yurgo user and explicitly disclaim any liability for Content uploaded, shared or posted by you or any other Yurgo user/member.
To the level permitted by law, Yurgo explicitly excludes all conditions, warranties, representations and other terms that can otherwise be interpreted by the law of equity or common law by statute; and any claim/ liability incurred by you regarding your use of Yurgo, these Terms of Use or services offered herein, as well as but not limited to any demands, damages, claims, liabilities, charges, expenses or losses of any nature and howsoever direct, indirect, incidental, special, consequential, exemplary or punitive damages, loss of data, loss caused by electronic virus or a computer, loss of or damage to property, wasted office time or management, loss of income or profit, breach of contract or other losses of any type or character, even if Yurgo has been warned of the possibility of such damages or losses, arising regarding with the use of Yurgo. This liability or limitation applies to, but not only, the transmission of any destructive virus or device that may infect/corrupt your device, failure mechanical or electrical equipment or telephone, or communication lines, or other mechanical problems (like, inability to access your internet service provider), bodily injury, unauthorized access, theft, strikes, property damage, operator errors any act of god in association with Yurgo, or other civil unrest, including, but not only, any liability for loss of business , loss of contracts or profits, loss of anticipated saving, loss of data, loss of income or revenue, loss of goodwill, office time or wasted management and any other loss or damage of any kind, however resulting from tort (including, but not only negligence), contract breach or otherwise, even if foreseeable whether consequential directly or indirectly.


Data and Information are used/process in accordance with our Privacy Policy which is aligned with these Terms of Use. You are encouraged/ advised to carefully read the terms of our Privacy Policy before using the App. By using Yurgo, you accept such processing, use and storing of all data provided by you and agree all the information you provided are correct, accurate and true.


If we are prosecuted, sued as a result of your act or conduct arising from the use of Yurgo, we have the right to defend or settle any relevant claim by our sole discretion. In such condition, you will completely co-operate as required by us in defense of any relevant claim, damages or charges in such case.
You hereby accept and agree to indemnify and hold us and our officers, agents, representatives, licensors and directors, harmless from/against any third party damages (actual or/and consequential), proceedings, claims, actions, demands, liabilities, losses, expenses and costs, including solicitor’s fees (where applicable) reasonably, incurred or suffered by us in association with or as a result of your access to and use of the App, the uploading, sharing or submission of Content to Yurgo by you or your act and conduct, other than in accordance with these Terms of Use or any applicable law and regulation (referred to as “Claim”).


Yurgo has made all reasonable efforts to ensure the accuracy, completeness, correctness and availability of the information and services contained on the App and renders such information on an “as-is” and “as-available” basis. We do not make or give any warranty or presentation about the information contained on Yurgo, whether implied or impressed. You use this App, services and all other available features at your own risk.
Furthermore, it is your sole responsibility to take all needed precautions to make sure that any Content, information, and data you may obtain from Yurgo is free of worm programs, viruses, and other harmful components. You accept and agree that Yurgo will not be provided uninterrupted or error-free and that defects may not be amended or that Yurgo or the server are free of viruses or bugs, Trojan horses, spyware or any other malicious software.


If any part or portion of this Terms of Use are/is declared to be invalid, illegal, or otherwise unenforceable/inapplicable by a court of a competent jurisdiction, for any reason, then the applicable part/portion of these Terms shall survive, and remain effective, enforceable with full force and continue to be binding.
These Terms of Use represents the entire agreement and understanding between “Us” and “You” in regards to your use of Yurgo and surpasses any/all previous arrangements, representations, and agreements between us (either oral or written). No failure or delay by us in exercising any privilege, power or right under these Terms of Use shall be deemed as a waiver of such acceptance or right of any disparity of the Terms of Use.


Yurgo have the right to change, modify or amend these Terms of Use at any time without prior notification. However, whenever we do this, we will endeavor to post a notification on conspicuous portion/part of the App, and the effective date of such updates will be specified at the base of the amended/updated Terms. In some cases, we can notify you via email of any change or update.
After any update, change, modification or amendment of these Terms, if you do not agree to or accept the amended version, you should stop using the App immediately. Your continued use of Yurgo after any update/change represents your consent and acceptance of such amended/updated version, and you shall be legally bound by such amended/revised Terms.


Any requests, complaints, concerns or questions about this Terms of Use should be sent to us by mail or email at the following addresses:

Yurgo, LLC
700 Lavaca St.
Austin, TX 78701

Date of Last Revision: October 12, 2021

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